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Let’s Talk Bookish | Reading Seasonally

Hi friends, happy Friday! It’s finally the end of the week and now all I want to do is catch up on some sleep and relax. I’m also hoping to catch up on reading as well since I have been so slumped with schoolwork and haven’t been able to finish a book in a while. Fingers crossed that I can find time to do so!

Today I am going to be participating in Let’s Talk Bookish, a weekly meme created and hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion where you chat about topics in the book world!

This week’s theme is on “Reading Seasonally”. I think that this is a perfect topic to talk about, especially now that Fall is basically here with the wintry holidays on deck! ❄️

At the start of every season, I definitely feel like the weather changes my mood and the books I gravitate towards. When it’s hot outside I want a quick and easy read that I can fly threw at the beach, and when it’s cold I want a thick book that will keep me bundled up in bed for hours.

Many factors can go into what makes a book seasonal. I think a main thing to look at is the setting. Whether it’s at a summer lake house, a made-up world where it’s always snowing, or an old academy; I find that I always subconsciously assign a season to each location I read about. I also seem to categorize tone into seasons as well. For instance, if I am reading a dark, heavier “issue” based contemporary I think of colder weather while the opposite goes for a more lighthearted romance.

Schoolwork also plays a huge part with my reading trends. Looking at my “read” shelf on Goodreads, I noticed that I read lengthier reads when I had a lighter workload during Summer and Winter breaks. However when I was in the midst of finals or getting adjusted as I went back to school, I tended to reread lots of my favorite stories or turned to shorter novels. To better help explain, here are some specific examples of genres that I associate each season with:

  • Winter: fantasy, science fiction, festive/wintry contemporaries
  • Spring: fairytale retellings, contemporary romance, rereads
  • Summer: lengthy series, travel/destination novels
  • Fall: thrillers/mysteries, historical fiction, darker/heavier “issue” based contemporaries

Of course, this is not a strict set of rules that I keep myself accounted for. At times, I definitely stray away from this due to upcoming releases and/or series that publish new installments. This is more of a generalization that I have noticed as I looked back on my reading trends in the past. I seem to always decide on a book based on what I am wanting to read at the time (mainly because I could never force myself to pick up a book just because it fits the aesthetic of the moment). I am, above all, a mood reader so if I am craving a fantasy in the summer you can bet that it will be in my June wrap up!

Additionally, I thought that it would be nice to give a bit of a visual as to what kinds of books you could find me reading each season:

I think that if you are truly trying to read seasonally, creating a TBR that aligns with a holiday is the perfect path! Holidays are what make the seasons so memorable with their specific aesthetics and traditions that mean a lot to each person. I always love seeing a Halloween TBR full of spooky horror reads or a Christmas one full of snowy contemporaries that make you feel as if you have a runny-nose.

However, I do think that it is important to remember that some holidays aren’t celebrated by everyone. Sometimes I see people associating “reading seasonally” with reading alongside a holiday and, though it is a completely valid thing to do, it is also important to acknowledge that just because a book may take place in the winter, that does not make it a “Christmas” book. It may be perfect for Christmas time, but I feel that calling it a perfect Winter read makes it more accessible to everyone, even to those who don’t celebrate the holiday.

I hope that made sense. I thought it was important to mention that because I myself am sometimes so surrounded by American culture that I forget that others in different countries celebrate different things than me. However, when we refer to the seasons everyone can get involved and feel welcomed! 😊

What do you think about the idea of Reading Seasonally? Do you agree/disagree with any of my comments above? Would you call yourself a seasonal reader?

Until next time, happy reading! ♡

17 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish | Reading Seasonally

  1. I love that you sectioned off genres into seasons! Autumn is a great season for darker reads, since Halloween is coming and summer is leaving. It’s definitely fantastic for not only horror but also darker contemporaries. I also like dense fantasies for winter as well.

    I love the little graphic you made too! I definitely agree with all three of your winter selections, however I felt that Bookish and the Beast was more summer for me! Maybe because fandom and talk of conventions always reads as summer in my mind.

    Thank you so much for participating!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I love a good dark contemporary for the fall, it feels perfect and usually the setting fits well also. I could definitely see Bookish and the Beast for the summer! I thought that since it was a fairytale retelling, it could possibly fit for the spring as well haha 🙂

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  2. It’s so fun seeing the kind of books you read each season! I read similarly to you, but this fall I’m gravitating more towards books that aren’t too heavy. I’m already collecting cozy, comforting books to start reading because the world is not that right now and I need some escapism!

    Also, agreed on not calling winter books “Christmas” books. Those are two very different types of book in my opinion, anyway.

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    1. Ah yes, it’s definitely different for everyone. I’ve been a bit slumped with schoolwork so I may even gravitate towards lighter reads this winter so I don’t overload my brain haha. Escapism for the win too! 🙂

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  3. I’m a mood reader, so mostly I just pick whatever I feel like at the time, but I’d love to be more of a seasonal reader! I’d especially like to find some spooky books for this October, and I have a couple of wintry themed fantasy books that I’m going to try and save for around Christmas.

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    1. Mood reader for the win! I’d like to be more of a seasonal reader too, hopefully in the winter I’ll also be able to pick up some good fantasies. Thank you for your comment!


  4. Agree that school/work can play a part in what you feel like reading when. I never felt like picking up a classic novel or heavy literature in the middle of the school year. It just felt like adding work on top of work.

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  5. I love the idea of reading seasonally but admittedly I don’t do it much myself because I am such a mood reader and just have to go with whatever I am in the mood for :3

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