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Tier Ranking the Books I Read in 2021

Happy New Years Eve, bookworms! I cannot believe 2022 is just hours away. It feels like only yesterday when I was setting my Goodreads goal for 2021, and now I’m about to set a new one again!

For my final post of 2021, I will be tier ranking all the books I read this past year. This is my favorite way to rank things, book-related or not, and I honestly had so much fun doing it! Even though I only read 35 books this year (probably the least I’ve read since I’ve started tracking my reading), I’m pretty proud of this year’s reading regardless.

2021 was a wild year for me: I started and completed a 26 page thesis paper, was applying to jobs post-graduation, and graduated from college! Even if my year didn’t consist of the most finished books, I’m still excited with where I’m at, and am intrigued to see what new books 2022 brings into my life, and my bookshelf. πŸ˜‰

With all that said, let’s get started with the ranking!

The Tiers

Here’s a quick rundown on the tiers so that you guys know my thought processes in each category:

  • best of the best: this tier is for the books that made a lasting impression on me… and that I still stay up late at night thinking about
  • great: these are books that I would recommend to anyone, no questions asked!
  • good: I enjoyed these books, just not as much as others this year. still good reads though!
  • okay: I simply finished these books without feeling completely soulless.
  • nope: simply, no. definitely did not finish it.

The Ranking

Thoughts in a Single Sentence

best of the best:

  • The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue: Absolutely stunning and became even more beautiful as I sat on it.
  • The Simple Wild: This book was the first that made me fall in love with the grumpyxsunshine trope!
  • It Happened One Summer/Hook, Line, and Sinker: I have no words for the way these books have toyed with my emotions in the best ways.
  • Daisy Jones & the Six: Not only was the book incredible, but the audiobook was such a great experience!
  • Anxious People: I lose sleep over this book.
  • Beach Read: The absolute cutest, Emily Henry’s writing is a godsend.


  • The Love Hypothesis: This book had me gushing soooo hard.
  • Forever Wild: The perfect novella to a perfect story.
  • The Spanish Love Deception: The tension, the banter, simply AARON BLACKFORD.
  • The Unhoneymooners: I read this in one sitting, no regrets at ALL.
  • People We Meet on Vacation: The slow burn was too good, y’all.
  • Fix Her Up/Tools of Engagement: The tropes found within these books are superior.
  • Window Shopping: One of those cases of perfect book for the perfect time.
  • Heartstopper Graphic Novels: These make me all warm and fuzzy, I need the fourth book asap!
  • Ruin and Rising: I remember this finale having me on the literal edge of my seat.
  • In a Holidaze: Another perfect book for the festive time, so so cute!
  • Love & Gelato: Literally the only YA contemporary I read, but loved it nonetheless.


  • Red, White, and Royal Blue: I adored the characters in this one, but the writing style had me a bit bored for a majority of it.
  • Wild at Heart: Despite a certain someone frustrating me a bit, this one was pretty solid!
  • Convenience Store Woman: I was confused, but I think in a good way?
  • Love Her or Lose Her: Super super cute, just not as memorable as the other two.
  • The Holiday Swap: An adorable read, but not much substance plot-wise.
  • The Off Campus Books: I binged these in less than three days, so that’s gotta be a good thing right?
  • Shadow and Bone/Siege and Storm: These were a lot of fun, just not as exciting for me as the last one.


  • The Legacy: IDK what happened, but even if it was nice to see the characters again, I do not claim the events in this novella.
  • A Court of Silver Flames: I was literally there for the smut, I maaaay have skipped over the plot because no way did I have the time to read an almost 800 page book.


  • Punk 57: Didn’t sign up for reading high school smut and an abusive love interest… dnf’d immediately πŸ‘

That’s all for today’s post, thank you so much for reading! Did you pick up any of the books I mentioned above? If not, what was your favorite or least favorite read of 2021? I hope you all have a wonderful New Year! πŸ’–

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