Welcome to readwithtay, a source for primarily contemporary adult book reviews and an outlet for my everyday thoughts (literary and lifestyle-wise). Some of my favorite genres that will pop up on my site include contemporary romance, historical fiction, mystery/thrillers, and I especially love to dive into new adult/adult material. Though the blog is relatively young, I have personally been a part of the book community for over five years through both booktube and blogging (formerly known as taylortalksbooks). Starting college made it hard to keep up with everything so I took a break and focused on my studies. Now, I look back at who I was in high school and still find similarities, but also many many differences. I wanted to return to the book world, but needed a fresh start, leading to the creation of readwithtay. Immersing myself back into the community brings countless feelings of nostalgia, but also excitement for the future. Connecting with fellow bibliophiles and freaking out together over made-up stories is my favorite past-time, and doing so in a warm, welcoming community makes it all the better! I have found a home within this community, and strive to create the same experience for others through kindness and a good read. ☺

β€œI declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book! — When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.”

– Jane Austen

Hi there! My name’s Taylor and I’m a 21-year-old recent college graduate! During my years of academia I studied literature and mass communications (also a little bit of management and marketing as well). I live in the beautiful state of North Carolina, even if it took me a while to fully believe that, and am currently a marketing intern for Macmillan publishing. Work-wise I know I want to work with both literature and the online world, but I am not so sure as to what step I will take after my internship (wish me luck!). All I know is that literature has had a huge affect on my younger years in the most positive way possible, and I want to be a part of that for another young reader too.

Books were always there when I was growing up, whether I fully acknowledged it or not. My mom was a teacher at my elementary school, so after the final bell rang, I basically lived in the library. Having aisles upon aisles of books to myself as a kid felt so powerful. In my little head, I had a world’s worth of stories every which way I looked and I couldn’t help but dive head first into the pages. From Cam Jansen to Junie B. Jones, Magic Treehouse to The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, I was hooked. It continued on into middle school where I devoured The Clique, Because of Winn-Dixie, and 11 Birthdays (I went through a huge Wendy Mass craze). It wasn’t until I was assigned Divergent in my seventh grade english class, that I was introduced to the expanding world of young adult fiction and was no way near prepared for the impact it would have on my life.

For the next five years I dedicated all my spare time to reading any book that came my way. I started a YouTube channel where I talked about all things YA and even joined a teen reviewing board at an independent bookstore in my city. I met so many friends that helped shape the person I am today; friends that I still have a strong relationship with seven years later. I may not be the huge young adult fangirl that I was in my freshman year of high school, but I still hold a love for the genre even as I cross into more adult-centered stories. Some days I find myself craving the simplicity and bravery of a young adult novel, and others I want more sophisticated and relatable characters. I don’t think I will ever tire of the YA genre because I respect it too much. Its characters inspire young girls to be bold and assures kids who feel different in their identity that it’s okay to stand out. I could never turn my back on a genre that did so much for me growing up, and continues to do so for new readers all the time.

When I’m not reading, I can be found writing letters to my lovely penpals and watching way too many rom-coms for it to be healthy. I am obsessed with shows such as The Mentalist, The Good Place, and (currently) Why Women Kill. I also watch a lot of movies with my friends, some of my favorites being Parasite, Booksmart, and Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightley version, of course). I am living in an apartment for the first time ever so I’ve been trying my hand at cooking (cannot tell if it’s been entirely successful so far…) and any easy recipes would be much appreciated. Oh, and I may be just a little bit in love with golden doodles and tiny baby sloths.